Monday, November 3, 2008

WaRniNg: Very Long POsT

Last week the fam and I took another trip to St. George to celebrate my Dad's 50th and let the boys go trick-or-treating with their aunties and friends. It was definitely a busy week it went by way too fast for the boys and I but was glad to have my hubby home with us for the weekend...anyhow I wanted to share some of our highlights from the past week:)

On Monday my good friend Lesina was nice enough to let me take some pics of her gorgeous little fam with the new Nikon...thanks girly it was lots of fun!!

On Tuesday night my Dad's ward had their annual trunk or treat and the boys were so excited to go. For Halloween this year Trey was determined to be the pirate that he was two years ago and this year I think it fit him just perfect even though he hated the little scar and mustache I drew on his face and Ry was so excited to be a boxer. If anyone knows this little guy you know that he loves to punch he will put on my oven mitt and walk around the house punching anything in his site, so this costume was perfect for him! The trunk or treat was so much fun because Segi and Lesina's kids came along and my boys were so happy because they both have crushes on their girls!! Luv it!!

p.s. segi...thanks for letting me steal this pic:)

Friday of course was Halloween we went trick or treating in three different neigh boor hoods...and I don't know if it's just me...but it seemed liked this year hardly anyone was out:(
Oh well, we still had fun anyways!

For my Dad's birthday the one gift that he wanted was a metal detector..haha...don't ask me why but he got just what he wanted. So on Saturday the whole family headed out to Pinto, there is a very old cemetery there where my Dad has found alot of his relatives buried and close to the cemetary there was once a little thriving town so we thought that would be the perfect place to try out his new "toy"!! With his metal detector he found an old bottle cap, a bullet and the best one was when he had Doug use a pick and shovel to dig out what they were hoping to be like an old wagon wheel or something but turns out Doug was hammering away on a natural gas line under ground!! Had to laugh at that one!

Later on that night we had Troy and Segi's family over to roast some marshmallows out in fire pit and afterward we watched Nacho Libre...gotta luv that movie!!

Last but not least, Sunday after church we had a bbq before heading home to Las Vegas!!

The End!